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Solution for

Amazon Associates
Content Creators

1. Convert any link & make it your own.
2. Automate photo, price, and link.
3. Post on multiple platforms instantly.
4. Combine links and photos for sharing.
5. User-friendly way to copy the code & go to the product page
6. Disable expired deals for high conversions.
7. Upload deals via CSV Excel.
8. Convert Amazon lighting deals seamlessly.


Team friendly

Assess the performance of each team member separately.
Enable them to add deals while keeping their income and other reports private.

Solution For Social Media Influencers

Admin Panel

- Refine the Admin panel with user type filters.
- Effortlessly distribute deals across multiple platforms or web pages simultaneously.
- Access a vast selection of over 20,000 daily deals, all set for sharing.
- Personalize your content page by selecting a brand logo.
- Utilize readily available text templates for instant use.
- Tailor content page shortcuts according to your preferences.


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Our expertise lies in collaborating with bloggers, social influencers, and community leaders. Allow us to assist you in fostering significant brand engagement, loyalty, and expanding your reach among the audiences that matter most to you.

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We prioritize both personal and professional growth within our team. Through continuous improvement, we consistently deliver enhanced results and added value to every client we serve.

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We are constantly exploring innovative strategic approaches to achieve better outcomes. Our commitment to progress includes investing in exclusive tools and technologies that enhance efficiency and foster growth.

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SEO remains one of the most effective digital marketing channels for online businesses, boasting high conversion rates. When executed correctly, search engine optimization can significantly boost revenue and elevate brand visibility. Our proficient search marketing team relies on industry-leading SEO tools and methodologies, backed by global experience in fiercely competitive verticals. If your website isn't ranking alongside or above prominent brands in your niche, we are here to lend our expertise and assistance.

Made by Accident

A message from founder

Unlike typical link converter solutions, this one came to fruition accidentally. The journey began when we decided to develop our own company's link converter solution after finding dissatisfaction with existing options in the market. Other link converter companies couldn't meet our needs, prompting us to create our own innovative solution.


We are your secret weapon & we only charge for direct hits.

We pride ourselves on offering complete transparency right from the start, without any hidden fees or long-term contracts. This enables us to cater to the requirements of any business, ensuring a fair and straightforward approach to our services.

Let's grow your business by growing theirs...



Engage high-intent audiences with our top-notch content, and leverage our expertise to cultivate enduring relationships with your customers.Unleash your growth potential by harnessing the power of our platform.Seamlessly integrate your brand with our platform and scale your reach to achieve its full promotional potential.

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